Study In Canada

Student Permit & Visa Canada

Canada’s educational system is one of the best around the world. Choosing Canada as your study destination provides a wealth of opportunities. Canadian education will open career doors for you in Canada and will give
you a competitive advantage should you decide to work anywhere else in the world.

Coming to Canada as an international student is one of the most popular ways to permanently stay as a permanent resident. The government of Canada has put in place incentives to attract and retain international students. When you study in Canada, you have the option to work while you study. You may also bring eligible family members with you.

After you complete your program, you may qualify for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, which allows you to legally stay and work temporarily in Canada while gaining valuable work experience. This opens up the opportunity to become a candidate to obtain permanent resident status.

Our qualified immigration consultant will assist you in every step of the process; from selecting the right program from qualified institutions to obtaining a study permit. 

If you decide to stay in Canada after your program, we can help you continue your process to become a permanent resident. If you would like to know more, please contact us below and we will be happy to assist you.